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Coming soon – August 2023

Creating an Enabling Ecosystem for Startups to Thrive

At CII Thrive, you will experience the collective wisdom of industry leaders as they share invaluable insights, while over many start-ups, investors, business executives, and aspiring young entrepreneurs unite to shape the boundless possibilities of tomorrow. It’s an unmissable opportunity!

The event presents a unique opportunity for start-ups to connect with potential investors, students to immerse themselves in the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, and investors and business executives to explore a wealth of promising talent and lucrative business prospects.
We will proudly say, “Made In India


Startups are the fertile ground where dreams take root, providing the perfect launching pad to start the journey towards success.

Fueling the trajectory of startups, our INITIATIVE ignites a multitude of opportunities, propelling rapid growth and unprecedented success.

Startups elevate aspirations and provide the perfect platform to start the transformative journey towards achievement and innovation.

Meet the Influential Speakers, Set to Inspire!

Embark on a transformative journey as renowned speakers converge at the startup event, delving into the art of cultivating a thriving ecosystem for startups. Prepare to be enlightened on the pillars of innovation, funding, and sustainability as these visionaries unveil the secrets to nurturing a dynamic startup landscape. 

Join us as we redefine the startup ecosystem together, forging a path towards a prosperous tomorrow.